Megacams Frequently Asked Questions

    General Questions

    What is Megacams?

    Megacams is an online platform that offers thousands of webcam sex rooms from various webcam platforms. All webcams are manually verified and categorized by our employees. This way you can easily find the webcam model you dream of in matter of seconds!

    What is a webcam platform?

    Webcam girls don't work directly with Megacams, we include them from different sites where they are working. These sites where the models are working are called webcam platforms (Example Chaturbate).

    Do these live shows cost money?

    Most of them are for free! The live show performers are payed based on tips that visitor give these performers. Some chatrooms are private and are paying.

    What is a private room or show?

    Webcam models can configure their chat room to public or private. Private means that you need to pay per minute to see the show. In these shows you are the only one seeing this model. That's why it's called private. These shows are mostly more intense since the cam model can fullfil all your dirty requests!

    What are tokens?

    Tokens is the virtual currency used in the chatrooms. You can buy tokens and spend these tokens to show the model your appreciation.

    Can I become a model myself?

    For sure! Check out our dedicated page to becoming a webcam model .

    Can I advertise on your site?

    Please send all requests regarding advertising to us directly with our contact form .

    Cam site specific questions


    Why do people often refer to chaturbate with other names?

    People tend to go to a site and see a brand like chaturbate. After a few days when they want to visit it back they remember the brand differently or just a part of it. For example: When someone went to chaturbate they want to go back and type in chaterbate into google. You will notice it’s just one letter difference, but when they spread it word-to-mouth a lot of people think this is the correct version. For chaturbate there are a lot of names. Here is a list of the most used names.

    • Chatterbate: the u is replaced by an e and there is a double t
    • Chatterbait: same as above, but this time they use the word bait instead of bate. It’s not that far-fetched as cam girls are often seen as the bait.
    • Chatturbate: Double t, just a regular spell error.
    • Chatubate: Forgot the r, regular spell error
    • Chatrubate: The r is placed before the u, regular spell error
    • Chaturbat: Forgotten about the e at the end, regular spell error
    • Chaturabte: a before the b, regular spell error.
    • Chaturb: In this case people don’t even know what comes after the b, so they will refer to it this way or search on google to auto complete it.
    • Chaterbait: u is replaced by an e and the term bait is used again.

    As you can see there are a lot of different names for one cam site. Sometimes people also refer to chaturbate as the whole domain name .

    With the information above you now know why one single cam site is referred to with multiple names.