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    Who is Sunshine1818club?

    Nickname sunshine1818club Age 0 (More Teen 18 - 20 Cams)
    Race White (More White Cams) Hair color Blonde (More Blonde Cams)
    Bust size Small tits (More Small tits Cams) Figure Slim (More Slim Cams)
    Pubic area Not Available Extra Other,
    Languages Working on
    Last seen 1 hour ago

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     Comment from "The Doctor" - 9 months ago

    She is on cam for hours and never shows anything. Judging from videos I have seen, she actually has very small boobs, but wears falsies under her shirt, that's why she never takes it off.

     Comment from "1darkpro1" - 9 months ago

    She is a fake. Her boobs are way smaller but grew overnight.

     Comment from "ScamWatch" - 9 months ago

    Bust size: Small tits (More Small tits Cams) She is busy deleting all of her content that is on the internet of YEARS of camming with tiny titties. Now on CB she has huge cans. It's a fake chest pad, and scamming. She deletes everyone that comments on her fake tits. Pics in her profile aren't even her. Not aging well? Try at least to be honest, if you can't go gracefully.

     Comment from "TonyTheRigerrrr" - 9 months ago

    She never shows tits just sits there getting 1 token donations. Boring

     Comment from "Sansha " - 8 months ago

    Plays pre-recorded videos as "live chats". Just lays in her pajamas fully dressed and deletes all comments on her taking her clothes off. Probably a delete bot. Some videos shows her "reacting" when no tokens are tipped vs tokens dropped and no reaction. Fake and scamming.

     Comment from "Rico8976" - 8 months ago

    Totally fake. I've watched her for about a week and I see the same thing. always blocking people that call her out while she racks up hundreds in tips. Someone needs to rape her

     Comment from "Oldgit" - 8 months ago

    She used to cam fully naked with toys. Nice body and looks good when she smiles - the kind of girl who gets prettier the closer you get to her. At time of writing there's still a video on Spankbang which proves this. However, as others have said, she now wears enormous fake tits under her shirt and never takes it off, and she has let her hair grow until it looks like an explosion in a mattress factory. Does not interact with the room or answer questions. For some reason known only to her, she is now taking money under false pretences. But then I've seen models on CB before now who've taken thousands of tokens just for flashing their shoulders !!

     Comment from "Ugh" - 7 months ago

    I don't understand why she has to do it under false pretenses. Just be honest about it. There was a chick that did this on mfc and they did her to cut it out. Seems like CB should step in and handle this.

     Comment from "spankythemonkey" - 4 months ago

    Agree. However, I did see her camming yesterday (9/3/18) where she had her shirt up above her medium size titties and was fondling her pussy. She looked completely bored. I sent the following comment: "Are you okay? You look sad". She banned me.

     Comment from "spankythemonkey" - 3 months ago

    She's on right now (Oct 9, 2018) and she's got her shirt up and her itty bitty titties (okay they're not itty bitty) are showing! So she finally got rid of that ridiculous breast form.

     Comment from "spankythemonkey" - 3 months ago

    Later in the day (Oct 9, 2018) she was back to wearing it.

     Comment from "Spankythemonkey" - 3 months ago

    Okay, I need to give love where love is due: She was on cam for several hours yesterday (Oct 17, 2018). She was standing in her bedroom in front of her twin bed. The bed had a stuffed white bear on it. ` She was completely nude except for a translucent black wrap--it was larger than a scarf. She spent her time doing a 'Sally Rand" (google her if you aren't familiar) kind of thing with the scarf. She was not explicit during her time on cam. It was erotic NOT pornographic. She has gained a fair amount of weight--I'm not sure if she's pregnant or just heavy. It doesn't make any difference IMHO--she was very attractive nonetheless. And this is the thing: she was much more engaging that she usually is when she is just sitting in her chair vacuuming up tips. At the end of her time on cam she smiled at the camera several times, blew kisses and mouthed "Thank you". She was engaging and actually very sweet at that moment. I generally don't tip her. I did that time. She did a very nice job. Thank you Angela if you should ever happen to read this.