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    Nickname ridersara Age 96 (More Adult 21 - 29 Cams)
    Race White (More White Cams) Hair color Dark (More Dark Cams)
    Bust size Average bust (More Average bust Cams) Figure Average figure (More Average figure Cams)
    Pubic area Shaved pussy (More Shaved pussy Cams) Extra Smoking, Other,
    Languages Cam site

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     Comment from "ass1223" - 1 year ago

    I like how she is doing this for someone she loves and there is nothing that will stop her from reaching her goal. That and her goddess like body with those tits and that sexy Romanian ass with that pussy. I'd just to love to do one thing show her the best night of her life.

     Comment from "rosyel" - 1 year ago


     Comment from "Ass1223" - 1 year ago

    Okay first I would actually do that if she likes me, and if she was single which she is not/

     Comment from "famous micky" - 1 year ago

    Aura is like no one i have ever seen or met i hope she finds love if she hasn't all ready. when i look into her eyes i see the person i would love till the end of time.

     Comment from "famous micky" - 1 year ago

    she has been so nice to me, at one of the hardest times in my life, if i could do anything for her i would, thanks with all my heart and ill pray everyday for her happiness and a raffle x

     Comment from "ass1223" - 1 year ago

    Okay you got your dirty face straight on but you need to try and give some dirty talk make them think you want that, even beg to well just try at least.

     Comment from "ass1223" - 1 year ago

    You have dirty sentence and that is great to hear, you get the most tips out of everyone. You need to try thinking of more idea's to make people tip, plus get more supplies that people think you should have you can't really on your usual tactics.

     Comment from "Ass1223" - 1 year ago

    You need new tactics, rewards or anything that dirty that you can think of. Also try doing a strip dance it turns guys and girls on hard.

     Comment from "Ass122" - 1 year ago

    Try seduction, it could improve the chance of tips such as- teases, sexy dancing and more