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     Comment from "Xxx123" - 2 years ago

    Whatch out for her in the beginning she is very nice but when she try give whatsapp dont do it!after a psriod she start to ask for very expensive presents and with broadcast she pushest all the time for do pw or prvt and when you dont do what she want she go blocked or ban you be carefull with her!!!

     Comment from "Junkyxl" - 2 years ago

    Whatch out!!! Big scammer!

     Comment from "horny 123" - 2 years ago

    she is realy shit and very lazy person and try only catch money . she prommis everything but never do and when you tell the truth then she say that you lie. but she lie about everything !i think she dont know that she lie all the time i never visite anymore shit person!

     Comment from "tony66xx" - 2 years ago

    stay away by her she looks nice when she broadcast but inside she is terrible. and watch out when she go give her whatsapp she only beg for expensive presents and when you give not much or nothing then she blocked and banned you.she give everything for ever but when she don't like it anymore she do everything what is in her room from names she do away it is the same that you never excist for her how much you give in tk or presents it doesn't matter for her.she prommis a lot but try to do nothing and believe me i know everything very good because i waz almost 1,5 year by her and i give her always a lot maby to much tk and presents and much more but i dont excist for her anymore.she lett me think that we have a king of friendship but it was all faker she is faker ,cheater and a big scammer when i start to complain about the things she prommis me and never do she kicked me out i trust her but a little to much and delete and remove all my names on every list i warn you watch OUT!!!!!

     Comment from "[email protected]" - 1 year ago

    hookup with you call me request 18687514837

     Comment from "benbigdick" - 1 year ago

    is best show in this room and i dont belive this comments , i think he just try make this model look bad and I have been king in her room and allways i get my prizes , idk what happen to this guy but with me she still nice , i have been in her room for 3 years so i know her better

     Comment from "dottob" - 1 year ago

    omg i love her shows , she is the best cam model with the nice big ass and her cute face

     Comment from "Damniel" - 3 weeks ago

    Kim is a good model that when you ask her something from her menu she does it perfectly. Maybe there are more beautiful women than her but she is not ugly, I like her and she also does not smoke or drink something very appreciated.