Will she be the next Mia Khalifa?

Does the name Mia Khalifa ring a bell? If you didn’t heart from her you must have lived under a rock last year or didn’t took any time to masturbate properly. Mia is a beautiful Lebanese / American pornstar that sparked some controversy in her home country Lebanon. Mia started her first porn video in 2014 and this was an instant success. Just watch the video below and you will see why. There has been a lot of interest in Mia because she is muslim. There are not a lot of muslim porn stars available, that’s in our point of view her success. People are looking for people like them and in the same culture.

As you can see in the porn video above, she is hot! The problem is that Mia Khalifa does not do any live sex shows. That’s why we want to give you an alternative for her. Hessamuslim is a beautiful muslim camgirl working on camsoda. As you can see on her camsoda profile is that she is currently located in Lebanon. Her entire live show is broadcasted from her middle eastern themed bedroom. We think if you are looking for a camgirls alternative to Mia Khalifa that this is your best shot. She is young and has a stunning body.

Mia Khalifa camgirl alternative









If you have had a chat with her or already know her, please leave some thoughts on this muslim live show. Hope you enjoy her!

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