Increase Your Earnings With Custom Content

You already know how to maximize your earnings during your live webcam shows, and you’ve dipped your toes into the world of filming porn videos, but have you tried custom content? “Custom content” is any media–generally videos, audio recordings, or photographs–that is created based on a specific request from a customer, who typically pays a premium for the item(s). While sites aimed specifically at video sales often have a built-in tool for ordering custom content, you can sell customs right from your cam site!

Content Options

Videos: If you have been filming your own videos, you’ll find customs are very similar. The obvious difference is that you are given the script instead of creating it yourself, and the closer you stick to the script, the happier your customer will be. If you have the equipment and lighting to cam, you have everything you need to film custom videos! Editing can be done simply with the free software that comes with Mac (iMovie) or PC (Live Movie Maker).

Photos: As I’ve said before, you don’t need an expensive setup to take great pictures. Most custom photo set requests are either for poses in a specific outfit/costume, or recreating porn photos/video stills. Deliver the photos in JPG format, and try not to edit your images too heavily, unless that is your typical style or the customer requests it. Make sure you watermark all of the photos you sell–uMark is a great free option to do this quickly, easily, and consistently.

Audio Recordings: Putting together great custom audio can be quick, easy, and cheap. To get started, you can pick up a cheap USB microphone headset–Plantronics makes some great ones on the low end of the scale–and download a great free audio recording and editing software like Audacity. It sounds silly, but when I record audio, I sit under my duvet on my bed to get crisp, clear sound with minimal echo. Unlike videos and photos, you can’t watermark audio to identify it as yours in case of piracy, but you can start and end each recording by stating your cam name. The most popular format for audio is MP3, so whatever option you choose for recording, you will need to save the final result in that format.

Pricing and Payment

Take a look at what other models in your niche are charging for custom content, but make sure that you don’t lowball yourself. Make sure you take into consideration the quality of your equipment, your experience, and the time it takes to shoot/record and edit content. It is always easier to lower your prices later than it is to raise them! I don’t recommend pricing yourself below $5/min for video, $1/min for audio, and $1/photo. Set a minimum purchase amount as well–I require at least 5 minutes for either video or audio, and 10 photos per set.

When it comes to payment, taking payment in advance is always the ideal situation. Some clients may commission custom work they can’t afford, then decline to pay once it is finished, hoping you will post it for resale for a lower price. If you don’t feel confident asking for full payment up front, at a minimum require a 50% deposit before you start work on the content.


If your cam site allows you to customize your profile (e.g., Chaturbate), create a section that lists your custom content options, payment terms, and delivery timelines. If you are on a site that has very restricted space in your bio (e.g., Streamate, LiveJasmin), upload an image to your photo albums that has text on it outlining the important information.

Custom content can be a great source of income, deepening your clients’ connections with you and your performance as well. You can earn twice on custom work, too–once when your client commissions it, and again when you post it for resale. Over time, building a reputation for quality custom content with reasonable pricing and timely delivery will create an income stream that is resistant to the rollercoaster traffic of cam sites.

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