11 Tips for making more money on chaturbate

Chaturbate might be the best site for broadcasting your cam shows! Why you might ask ? Because they have a huge (and I mean really huge) community build around them. This drives tons of visitors to your chatroom. Once these visitors are in your chatroom it’s up to you to let them open their wallets and make them tip like a pro. This is the hard part. That’s why we at Megacams.me will give you some 11 tips on how to get more money on chaturbate.

#1 Threat yourself as a real business

A lot of models expect to broadcast themselves and get tons of token tips instantly. We call this the get rich quick mentality. This doesn’t happen in the real world, so why would it work in the virtual world ? The top camgirls you’ll see on chaturbate get this understanding. They are working their ass off like they would when they had a real offline business. In a real business marketing is a big piece of the puzzle. Put a lot of time and effort in this. You can promote yourself easily through twitter, facebook, youtube and other channels (relax, we will cover this in a later blog post).

#2 Stop begging for tips

A lot of performers will fill their chatroom with messages like “tip baby, please tip me”. This doesn’t work and even scares the new guys out of your chatroom. It’s okay to mention it sometimes, but don’t overdo it. People will be more engaged when they tip you because of the good time they are having, or the fun time being in your chatroom . When they just tip to get you naked they have no connection with you. They will just tip a few tokens, get you naked and leave (let’s call this squeeze tips). When people tip because they are having fun or get hooked to you, they will tip passionately. What this means is they won’t tip 50 tokens to flash your tits, but they will tip you regularry. These passionate tippers will be more likely to become your fan.

#3 Try to push big fans to private chat

You probably have a handful of fans that come back every day. Try to push them to private chat. This will give you some quality time with your biggest fans. They will be more appreciated and you will have a recurring income you can count on. Play with the pricing for private shows, don’t put the pricing too low (you only want your biggest fans to enjoy the best). You can set the private show pricing in the Settings & Privacy panel.

Tokens per minute - private show

#4 Don’t focus on nudity only

There are a lot of fans that are lonely and just want to kill time and have fun. They also want to have the feeling that someone is listening to them, because they miss this in real life. These are mostly the persons who are most passionate about you and make you the most money in the end. Don’t forget that these persons will follow you on a daily base and talk about you (online or offline). This is free word of mouth marketing.

#5 Get your profile sorted out

Chaturbate profiles are read a lot. Especially when you are offline. So try to push users to your twitter account to interact with them. Make sure to put online a few teasing pictures and videos. They won’t make you money directly, but they will make the visitor warm for your next show. You might ask,  how do people access my profile when I’m offline ? It takes up to 3 minutes before chaturbate notices that you are offline, in this time 20 people can visit your profile, and they will all get the ‘model x is currently offline’ message with your profile loaded below.

#6 Make your shows personal

There is nothing as boring than camgirls just sitting there and waiting for users to tip. The users won’t just tip. Make your shows as unique as possible and interact with them in your room. Example: If you are a hardcore gamer, play games with your tits out, talk about games etc. Once your room is filled, you can stop playing games and focus on your climax. Find out what you like doing, and do this while being in a show.

#7 Interact on twitter

Having a personal twitter account is highly recommended these days as a camgirl. Not only does it make you more visible on the web, but you can interact with visitors when being offline. Announce when you will be online, people are busy these days, this way they can schedule a visit to your chatroom easily. Put your twitter handle in your profile. People will visit your chaturbate page when you are offline, this way they will find their way to you.

#8 Try different things

In real business life you have to test things, this is not different in the cam industry. Try to give shows a theme, or only masturbate instead of using your vibrator. Test different things out and note it down. Note down what you did differently and mark your earnings as well. Try this a few times and see what brings in the most money.

#9 Use audio in your chatroom

When you are using your voice in your chatroom you are not only making the show more personal, but you can also reply to more visitors faster. Mention users by name, it will make the connection between you and the user more intense. And on golden rule: Don’t type when audio is on, it’s annoying!

#10 Invest in HD

There is an algorithm on chaturbate that defines who is on top of the index page and who is on the last page.  This takes in several parameters like earnings, visitors in your chatroom but also your stream quality. Did you noticed that the page 1 cam performers all have a super high quality stream ? That’s why broadcasters have to invest in a HD webcam and high speed internet connection. This will not only get you higher to the top (means more visitors), but also makes the show more pleasant for visitors.

#10 Be respectful

people can be very rude. It might piss you off. Don’t start arguing with these visitors, it makes you look bad. Don’t put any energy in them, just ban them instantly and done. Focus on the other chatroom members instead.

#11 Check your network sites setting

Chaturbate.com bring a lot of traffic. But there are thousands of partner sites on the internet that promote chaturbate as well. This might be even bigger than chaturbate.com itself. These sites are called affiliate sites. You are able to opt-out of these sites in your settings. Don’t do this, and check this setting. These network sites will even bring you a lot more traffic! Megacams is also an affiliate site bringing in thousands of visitors daily to a lot of chatrooms.

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If you use these tips correctly you will definitely make more money on chaturbate.

If you have more tips to share with others, please leave a comment. Also don’t forget to follow us on twitter for more adult work related articles.

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