Hot Bongacams Shemale models that you should be aware of

There are a lot of shemale models on Bongacams, but a few really stand out! Allow us to give you a small overview of the hottest shemale and tranny models that bongacams has to offer.

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What’s the best way to get free sex on Megacams?

Everyone is looking to get their load out their cocks with sex sites. There are tons of sex tubes and free porn sites, but some people just like it more intense and want to get free sex.

We will show you how to get free sex on Megacams. Because of this tutorial you will cum every day for the rest of your life for free!

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What is a GILF?

We got this question a lot by email and on twitter. What is a GILF? So let me explain this for you all once and for all.

The term GILF means ‘Grandmother I’d like to fuck‘ or ‘Granny I’d like to fuck‘. When you call someone a GILF you mean that she is sexy and you want to fuck her. Not all grannies look very old, you also have very got grandma’s or often called cougars. Here are some nice images of very hot GILF women.

very hot GILFhot granny wife

Horny GILF’s on Megacams

At Megacams we want to give every visitor the cam girl that he desires. If you are into grandma’s that’s not an issue at all. Take a look at these hot GILF cougars (click on the image to go directly to their live sex chatroom).

Matureextasy on Chaturbate

She is a pretty well known lady on chaturbate and has her regular customers that come by for a hot private live sex chat. This blonde gilf with saggy tits will make your cock so hard you can’t even imagine!


Ellyhot53 on chaturbate

If you are into curvy or chubby grannies, then this one is for you! She is amazing and when she starts playing with her big boobs you can’t get enough.

Ellyhot chaturbate

Onelustymilf on chaturbate

While her nickname might give you the idea that she is a MILF we can assure you that she actually is a GILF. This blonde granny wearing glasses might be the porn lookalike of Hillary Clinton.

onelustymilf chaturbate

Hot GILF porn video

The end this blog post I just want to give you one hot granny porn video. On our Free Porn HQ channel we got a nice video of a GILF camgirl that you will like. This sex video is starring a hot granny called Mandy who talks dirty and rubs her body for you. At the end she shows off her ass and pulls away her underwear, because of this you are able to see her pussy and asshole. This porn video is just to illustrate what a Granny I like to fuck is.

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Why you should use adult cams and not chatroulette or omegle

So everyone knows chatroulette and omegle right? In case you don’t know any of these services I will describe what they do for you. Chatroulette and omegle are both chat services that you can use to start a cam2cam chat with strangers. This means that you can enable your webcam and press start. Pressing the start button will connect you with a random chat partner from around the world. This is done on a random base and not based on gender or something else (so you will end up with a lot of males looking for chatsex). Using chatroulette or omegle for sex is a bad idea for multiple reasons. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t use these services for cam2cam sex.

chatroulette fail

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What’s the difference between Shemales,Trannies,T-girls,Transgenders,Transsexuals and crossdressers

Megacams supports the transgender community a lot. We do this by giving them a complete separate gender section on our website. But we do get a lot of questions what the actual difference is between all these words for the same type of girls. We are going to do our best to clear that up for you, so that everyone knows the difference between all these terms from now on. We want to give a big shout out to who are doing a great job on making sure all taboo’s are removed from our worlds. There is a long road ahead of them, but if we all get a little bit more tolerant we will get there!

What is a Shemale?

The word shemale is often used on adult porn sites or in sex work. This refers to guys who still have their male genitalia, but have secondary sex characteristics. We will clear up all female secondary sex characteristics for you:

  • Breasts & nipples: Most shemales already had breast surgery done in order to have valid female breasts and nipples. An alternative to surgery is having hormone treatment.
  • Body hair: Because of the hormone treatment, the body hair falls automatically. Hair is still growing in normal places like head, armpits and pubic hair. But things like beards, chest hair or other typical male hair disappears.
  • Widening of hips: This is a female characteristics, but is not often found with shemales. This because there is no proper cosmetic operation yet.

So now you know what a shemale is. But remember that this term is widely used on porn sites, but can’t be used in public when talking to transgenders.

Source (Wikipedia)

What is a Tranny?

A tranny or trannies is a slang word for the whole group of transgenders,transsexuals,crossdressers,drag and transvestites. Transgender activists hate this word because it sounds very negative. Remember that this isn’t a type of girl but rather a group name. This term is a lot used on sex sites, but don’t ever use it in public as it’s considered slur.

What is a transgender?

These people are having a gender identity that mismatch their assigned sex. For example this can be a person born as a male person that has the identity of a female or vice versa. There are still a lot of taboo’s on this topic. Very often these people are suffering from psychological issues in their young age. They start dressing up as the gender they would like to be and try to adapt. Unfortunately a lot of people are still living under a rock and neglect the problem. This is why tries to break the taboo bubble. Transgender does not reflect any of the sexual preference. Being a transgender does not state that you have to do any surgery.

What is a Transsexual?

Transsexuals are transgenders but they are taking it too the next level to become  physically more in line with their personality. They undergo hormone replacement therapy (testosterone for trans men and estrogen for trans women) or sex reassignment therapy. Sex reassignment therapy is a hard decision, but once these transgenders take the leap their penis will be shaped into a vagina or vice versa. Additional to the sex reassignment therapy they will also need to undergo the hormone treatment (and permanent hair removal if they want to). So a transsexual is equal to a shemale, but shemale is only used on a pornographic context. If you want to be polite and respect a transsexual you better don’t call her a shemale.

What is a T-girl?

Tgirl is a synonym used for transgender. This is used a lot on conversations on the internet because it’s just shorter and easier to use.

What is a crossdresser?

Also refered by as drag or travestites. Crossdressign is the act of wearing clothes of your opposing sex. So when you are a male you will be wearing female clothes and the other way around. Crossdressing has been around for ages, first pictures date from the early 1930’s. Crossdressing does not have anything to do with sexual preference. However a lot of gay and transgenders are performing it but there are straight people as well doing this. It can be seen more as a fetish and not something that sticks to a sexual preference.

Popular transsexuals

There are lot’s of popular transsexuals that already took the leap. They are breaking the taboo and we should be thankful for that. Here are a few of the most known transsexual icons.

Caitlyn Jenner


Formerly known as Bruce Jenner, is an American television personality and retired Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete. She is also now from the Keeping up with the Kardashians (American TV show). Caitlyn is very actively working on tackling the transgender issue and speaks in public about this to break the taboo.

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Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox is an American actress, reality television star, television producer. She is now from the netflix show “Orange is the new black”.





There are a lot more transsexual celebs that fight for transgender rights out there.

Hopefully by now you know the difference between all these terms and know that there is a lot going on in the transgender world. You also know how to greet a transgender in person as well how you can find them on (live) sex sites.

On Megacams we have a lot of asian,ebony and caucasian trans girls that would like to tease you. Go and see all the live sex chat rooms in the shemale section. You can go private with these models as well so you can both have an orgasm at the same time. Please take a look at the link under this text to go to the correct section on Megacams.

If you want to have live sex with transgenders take a look at our Megacams section.

If you are a transgender (sex worker) and want to tell us your story, feel free to comment below this article. Any input and rich insights in the life of transsexuals are welcome. Just use the comment box below all this text.