Start commenting on models!

Hey all!

It’s another fun day! Today we launched commenting on webcam models. Who does read comments on sex shows or porn you would wonder ? A lot of people do, and it’s useful for the performers as well. By giving them feedback, they can improve their future shows.

Commenting on a model


With a comment you can let the performer now what you think of his/her show and make them improve their shows. Other visitors could benefit from your comments as well.

Here is an example of a comment on a webcam girl.

Webcam girl comment

So please add comments or reviews to your most liked models, it’s useful.

Off course there are also other ways to show appreciation to the models you like. Like sharing on social media, tipping tokens or spending money in the live chat room.

As always, we keep improving Megacams! If you have ideas or feedback, don’t forget to contact us.